Flexcept Research Instrumentation

The development of customized instrumentations for research prototypes is one of the challenge researchers are been faced. With the availability and ingratiation compatibility of open-source hardware and software platforms, some researchers are select these open-source platforms to conduct their research. However, due to the level of required performance and limitations, most of the researchers have to be developed their own instrumentations for their research prototypes.

Flexcept research instrumentation and research prototyping services comprised developing customized hardware and software solutions for the researchers who work on academic, Institutional and industrial research applications. According to your specific requirements, we ready to make instrumentation for your prototypes at an affordable cost and handover them in on time.


Areas we are working on…

Sensors and sensor interfaces

  • Signal conditioning systems, Amplifiers, ADCs, Signal converters, ADCs, ADCs with post processing unit

Data acquisition systems

  • Multi-sensory data acquisition systems
  • Wireless and wired data acquisition systems
  • Data visualizing and post processing software solutions
  • Data loggers

Communication Devices

  • Signal converters
  • Wired-Wireless communication systems
  • GSM/ 3G/ 4G communication systems
  • Localization systems

Hi-Performance Embedded Controllers

  • Customized embedded controller design
  • ARM, dsPIC, PIC24, PIC32, AVR, PIC

Motion Controllers

  • Hi-Performance emended motion controllers
  • ARM Cortex M7
  • ARM cortex M4
  • Altera Cyclone

Motor Drivers

  • DC Motor drivers
  • Steeper motor drivers
  • BLDC Drivers
  • AC Inverters

Iot Applications

  • IoT platforms
  • NB-IoT platforms

Electro-Mechanical Systems

  • Robotics
  • Mobile robotics platforms